Thursday, 6 October 2011

Adam's Pain For Gain

It was a case of pain for gain as Adam Daley boosted Giving World by almost £300 by taking part in a half marathon.

Adam, who is Fundraising and Income Generation Officer at Giving World’s headquarters, Burleys Way, took part in The Great Kibworth Run.

He managed to raise a fantastic £ 228.13 in sponsorship which was boosted by Gift Aid of £54.53 which gave a grand a total of £282.56.

He said: “I wanted to finish the run in under two hours ten minutes and as I was getting close to the finish line I knew it was tight.

“Somehow I found a late burst of energy and sprinted the last fifty metres.

“It hurt a lot the next morning, but had I not sprinted those last yards I would not have reached my target time. I beat my target by a minute.

“At the end I felt exhausted, was tight for breath but I was very satisfied with my efforts and delighted to have raised so much in sponsorship for a good cause.

Unbowed by his first half marathon, Adam is now planning a sea swim from Padstow to Rock in Cornwall.

Adam added: “I decided to raise money for Giving World because it's a really great charity that I've come to know and believe in.

“They do some fantastic work and I've been fortunate enough to witness some of it first hand.’’

Monday, 12 September 2011

A Great Day for Giving World at Leicester Market

It was a Sunday well spent when Giving World took part in the first Our Leicester Day at the city’s market.

For one day, the market was taken over by local community organisations, clubs, societies and voluntary groups.

It was a chance for ourselves and the other organisations including Loros, Menphys, Citizens' Eye Community News Agency and the University of Leicester to promote the work we do for the people of Leicester and Leicestershire.

It was a showcase of what goes on, in and around the neighbourhood and a real diversity of activities, cultures and interests were on display, together with street performers, musicians and the talents that make Leicester the place to be.

It was an ideal way for Brian Langton and Andrew Punshon, our newly appointed Project Officer and Marketing, Communications and PR Officer to meet members of the public and spread the word about Giving World.

We handed out more than 300 postcards as well as several dozen booklets outlining the good work done by Giving World in matching businesses with surplus goods to people in need through our partner charities.

Elsewhere, Adam Daley, our Fundraising and Income Generation Officer will soon be breaking the pain barrier to raise funds for Giving World when he takes part in The Great Kibworth Run on Sunday, September 25.

He said: “This is a great opportunity for someone to benefit from my pain! It's a half marathon, 13 miles and the very first one I've ever tried.

“I've chosen to raise money for Giving World because it's a really great charity that I've come to know and believe in, they do some very good work and I've been fortunate enough to witness some of it first hand.

“£100 means Giving World can reach 72 people in need, so if I can reach my target of £300 that's 216 people who will receive important necessities.'’

To make a donation, please visit

Friday, 1 July 2011

What's Happening in the Sector!

It is nearly a year since David Cameron launched his vision of the Big Society in May 2010 but it remains unclear quite what an impact the concept will have on charities and community projects.

What we do know is that there has been a decrease in public donations since the recession hit and that many local authorities are cutting back their funding to local community schemes as they reduce their own spending due to cuts. This in turn sees a big increase in demand for funds from other grant and funding sources.

At Giving World Online we can’t solve the funding issues but we will continue to work with companies and organisations to encourage them to pass on their surplus goods to help people in need through our network of bona fide charities and community projects.

And last month (June) saw online registrations from businesses reach to over 135. Many of the registrations have been due to the awareness raising by the Giving World Online TV advert which is currently airing on Discovery Channel, Discovery History and Discovery Science.

It is impossible to list all the companies but here are just a few of the organisations that have recently joined: Go Green Bags, E.O.N, Lismark Office Products, University of Lancashire, Loughborough University, John Lewis Bluewater, John Lewis Sheffield and the Land Registry office in Durham.

Similarly last month saw online registrations from charities reach over 1750, demonstrating how important it is that these valuable surplus resources are helping charities to meet the needs of beneficiaries.

With the current funding cuts the Giving World Online concept has become even more significant as a resource. The increase in registrations proves that access to quality free surplus items is an important medium for supporting communities and in delivering valuable services to the most vulnerable members of society.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Moving Forward…

And what an exciting time it is proving to be with three great pieces of news…

Firstly we are delighted to announce that we have been successful with our lottery bid and have been awarded a Big Lottery grant to develop and advance Giving World Online across the nine English regions.

Big Lottery Press Release:

‘The final England-wide project to receive funding today is Konnect9 Worldwide to develop an existing online project matching surplus items to disadvantaged and hard to reach people across the country. These items are donated by companies and include clothing, toiletries, toys, educational materials and computer equipment. Konnect9 aims to benefit children and families, isolated groups including homeless people and vulnerable groups such as people fleeing violence. And an environmental aspect to the project is that it means fewer items being sent to landfill.’

Though it is all very exciting now the work really begins! So we have been busy working on creating new systems and adapting processes to ensure they provide the necessary support for us and effectively measure outcomes. We have started recruiting to a Programme Board, an Advisory Committee and new staff.

Secondly we are really pleased to welcome on board Dr Colin Morgan as an Ambassador for Giving World Online. Colin will work with us to recruit professionals, companies and individuals to spread news about Giving World Online.

Colin has years of Corporate Responsibility experience as Head of Corporate Responsibility & Internal Communications for Gala Coral Group. He has developed and managed a network of relationships with regulatory, government, education and third sectors.

He is currently the Mayor of Daventry and also supervises PhD students at the Greenwich School of Management who are undertaking research on CR in African countries.

And last but not least…

As part of our tenth anniversary celebrations we have produced a special celebratory magazine that records the history of the charity and the road to going on line with Giving World Online.

How time has flown!

It all began ten years ago when we set about distributing the first donation of paper and card to local community groups and charities. The paper did not become yet more landfill but made it into the hands of children to paint, draw and make things with.

Fast forward ten years on and we have helped 300,000 vulnerable people. We have gifted warm clothing to homeless people, toiletries to women fleeing violence, baby clothes to teenage mums and toys and educational materials to disabled children and low income families. Receiving life essentials for free has a high impact in the daily lives of those most in need.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Beginnings for All

It is hard to believe quite how quickly time has flown past and that it is now a year since our Future Job Fund (FJF) team joined Giving World Online.

We started with a team of 13 young unemployed people in April 2010, and recruited a further 9 people in May.

They were all were originally employed on six month contracts but luckily many of these contracts were extended to cover a full twelve months.

Meanwhile in the natural course of things, and the reason why FJF was set up in the first place, some staff quickly moved on to pastures new.

Some left to take up permanent jobs; some have returned to full time education; one has set up his own business and one person has left due to educational commitments but continues to donate their time in a voluntary capacity.

This was the whole purpose behind FJF, to help young unemployed people gain skills and work experience for the future, and we are really happy to see that the experience of working at Giving World Online has enabled them all to take a step forward on their chosen career paths.

Their contribution to Giving World Online helped us move forward in a variety of ways.

Good luck to all concerned and thank you for your contribution

Thursday, 31 March 2011

On a TV Near You

As the saying goes some things in life are worth waiting for. The Giving World Online advert will be premiered on April 1st on Discovery Channel, Discovery History and Discovery Science.

If you can, sit down and tune in at 5pm to Born Survivor with Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel and watch our first national television broadcast.

Our Giving World Online advert (with a voice over by David Mitchell) is aimed at raising awareness of our free service and its many benefits to businesses and will be broadcast over the coming months.

Discovery Networks will be featuring the advert on ‘The Loop’ which can be found at, so if you can’t be in front of the television or are unable to receive Discovery programmes, you will be able to view our advert at your leisure.

You’ll also be able to see it below, on our website and on our Youtube Channel.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Time for a Spring Clean!

At this time of year our minds turn to the promise of brighter and warmer times ahead, and of course, spring cleaning.

We can help you to find good homes for all those items cluttering up space in warehouses and offices around the UK.

If your organisation is planning to have a clear out, don’t forget that there are millions of people in need supported by thousands of charities and community groups all working to make a difference to people’s lives.

Your unwanted items could be the very thing that is vital or needed – why waste when so many people in need can benefit from your unwanted items.

You are just a few steps away from contributing to help those in need so why not register and make a big impact. Read how John Lewis Leicester are doing just that.