Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Beginnings for All

It is hard to believe quite how quickly time has flown past and that it is now a year since our Future Job Fund (FJF) team joined Giving World Online.

We started with a team of 13 young unemployed people in April 2010, and recruited a further 9 people in May.

They were all were originally employed on six month contracts but luckily many of these contracts were extended to cover a full twelve months.

Meanwhile in the natural course of things, and the reason why FJF was set up in the first place, some staff quickly moved on to pastures new.

Some left to take up permanent jobs; some have returned to full time education; one has set up his own business and one person has left due to educational commitments but continues to donate their time in a voluntary capacity.

This was the whole purpose behind FJF, to help young unemployed people gain skills and work experience for the future, and we are really happy to see that the experience of working at Giving World Online has enabled them all to take a step forward on their chosen career paths.

Their contribution to Giving World Online helped us move forward in a variety of ways.

Good luck to all concerned and thank you for your contribution